Feasibility Study on Four-level Networking System of Oversize Detection Station in Henan Province
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  In order to further strengthen the management of oversize detection station, standardize law enforcement behavior, strengthen law enforcement supervision, enhance law enforcement level, improve the image of the industry, enhance the scientific and technological level of the province's overload control work, and ensure the effective control of overload and the safety and smooth flow of roads and bridges, Henan Provincial Department of transportation proposed to implement the four level networking system project of overrun detection station, and complete the provincial city station three In order to standardize, perfect and unify the city level overrun detection information sub center and station level overrun detection information system, and realize the real-time transmission and sharing of data and images. The project has made a plan for the construction of the information integration platform of the province's overrun detection, including the data platform and the network monitoring platform. It has strengthened the standardized management of the overrun detection station by means of information technology, enhanced the emergency command ability for emergencies, and provided the basis for adjusting and formulating policies and improving the decision-making level.