Puyang Section of Puyang to Yangxin (Hubei) Expressway (2017-2018)
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Puyang section of Puyang to Hubei Yangxin Expressway is one of the new projects in Henan province expressway network adjustment planning. It not only improves the local road network system, but also realizes the integration of Shandong and Henan border expressway network system, improves the road transportation efficiency, and provides land access for the residents in northern Henan and western Shandong.

The project connects Puyang-Fanxian (Taihui) Expressway in the north, crosses the Yellow River in the south and ends in the southeast of Donggaozhai, Lizhuangji Township, Dongming County, Shandong Province. The total length of the route is about 41.91km, including 38.77km of the Henan section and 3.14km of Shandong section.

The standard of four-lane expressway is adopted for the project, with design speed of 120km/h and subgrade width of 27m. Asphalt concrete structure is adopted for pavement surface, and highway grade-I is adopted for bridge and culvert design load. The approved total estimate is about 3246.6 million CNY.