Xinxiang Section of Alongside Taihang Expressway (2017-2018)
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Xinxiang section of Along Taihang Expressway is one of the new projects in the adjusted planning of expressway network in Henan Province. This project will be a shortcut along the south side of Taihang Mountain, to drive the development of tourism and mineral resources along the line, and form a longitudinal channel from Linzhou to Tanghe, which is also of great significance to optimize the structure of expressway network in Henan Province.

Xinxiang section of Along Taihang Expressway starts from the intersection of Xinxiang-Jincheng expressway and north Laozhuang in Huangshui Township of Huixian City, southwest along Taihang Mountain front, passes through Shangbali Town and Bobi Town of Huixian City, passes through Yuhe River, and then goes out of Xinxiang City in the west of Kulianzhuang to reach the end of the project. The total length of the route is about 29.57km.

The standard of four-lane expressway is adopted for the project, with design speed of 100km/h and subgrade width of 26m. Asphalt concrete structure is adopted for pavement surface, and highway grade-I is adopted for bridge and culvert design load. The total budget estimate approved is about 2537.57 million CNY.