Design of Tunnels for Songxian – Luanchuan Expressway
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Design of Tunnels for Songxian – Luanchuan Expressway

The total length of Songxian – Luanchuan Expressway is 67.283km. It is the first time in Henan Province to build riverside expressway adopting the tunnel group idea. The Shop Drawing of Songxian – Luanchuan Expressway (Tunnel group) won the First Prize of Innovation Award of Survey and Design sector in Henan province (2013)

Along the route total 25 tunnels were built, with two-way four-lane, design speed of 80km/h, restricted width of 10.25m. In hilly area of section K101+328~K108+308, 7 tunnels were built, with total length of 4832.25m, tunnel percentage of 70%.

The separated tunnels, large-span special-shaped sheds, and “zero excavation” semi-open tunnels in compressed terrain, shortened the length of the route and reduced the filling and excavation, protected the environment, reduced engineering costs, improved the driving safety and comfort, achieved the concept of harmony and unity with the natural environment with the combination of structures.

The successful implementation of the project has provided a new example for the construction of mountain highways.