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The Completion of Preliminary Site Survey Work of Expressway from Phnom Penh to Airport and Koh Dach Bridge
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The investigation group members of expressway from Phnom Penh to Airport and Koh Dach Bridge projects, Zhang Xingjian, Wu Yongde, Li Huaqiang, Chen Zhenping, Han Jingjing, Li Xiao, Cui Yang and Qin Yaxiao arrived in Phnom Penh on December 28, 2014. With support and help of company’s office in Cambodia, group members met with Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Communications, Minister of Phnom Penh

Communications Department and Railway Administration director of Cambodia. In order to complete the work within the stipulated time, after seeking the suggestion of various ministries in Cambodia, all members worked across MeKong River many times during the holiday in Cambodia. On January 11, 2015, the group completed the initial site survey and preliminary work of traffic investigation, which made the foundation for the next step of the project.