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Engineering FS and Consultancy Qualifications of China-aided Projects Approved
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Recently, Henan Provincial Communications & Design Institute Co., Ltd (HNRBI) has successfully obtained the qualifications of Engineering FS and Consultancy for China-aided Projects, which were approved by China International Development Cooperation Agency.

According to the notice and regulations on the qualification of consulting service for China-aided projects issued by China International Development Cooperation Agency, the International Engineering Design Institute of HNRBI started the preparation and compiling work of the application materials for qualification in early November 2020, and formally submitted them to the Department of Commerce of Henan Province in the middle of December, which was initially approved by the Department of Commerce of Henan Province and recommended to China International Development Cooperation Agency. On January 27, 2021, it passed the review and obtained the approval of China international Development Cooperation Agency.

With the corresponding permission, HNRBI has the qualifications to participate in the procurement of two categories of China-aided: Project Feasibility Study and Engineering Consultancy. It can provide consulting services in the early stage of projects, such as the feasibility study of complete China-aided projects and technical assistance mainly with ancillary works, as well as the pre-feasibility study, preparatory technical study, project proposal preparation and China-aided concessional loan application report compilation, compilation of financing plan for major strategic projects and project application.

The qualifications are the affirmation of the HNRBI's engineering consultancy and professional technologies, will open new channels for its overseas marketing, so that HNRBI can better serve the great "Belt and Road" initiative.