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Henan Provincial Institute of Communications Planning Survey & Design, the predecessor of Henan Provincial Communications Planning Survey & Design Institute Co. Ltd., was established in 1964. In Henan province it is not only a comprehensive technical unit specialized in highway engineering planning, feasibility study, survey, design, technical consultation and construction supervision, but also holds 18 A-level qualifications issued by the nation on highway industry, municipal industry (highway engineering, bridge engineering and city tunnel engineering), construction industry (construction engineering), engineering consultation (highway, municipal public works and construction), engineering investigation, engineering test and examination, highway engineering supervision and mapping. The company's primary business includes services of plan, survey, design, supervision, examination and technical consultants on highway engineering (highways, bridges, tunnels and traffic engineering), municipal engineering and construction engineering. It has become the leading enterprise in Henan Province in transport survey and design, test and examinations as well as project supervision.

Since the establishment of the institute, we have accomplished highway survey and design for over ten thousand kilometers, including the Sections of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway and Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Expressway in Henan Province, which is almost 5,000 km in total, and the expressway reconstruction and expansion projects for nearly 1,000 km. More than 500 independent bridges and grand bridges are designed by the company with a wide range of bridge types, like simply supported girder bridge, continuous girder bridge, arch bridge, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge, composite structure and so on. Besides, the company has worked out expressway feasibility study reports for 11,963 km, and detected 2,000 km of highway as well as more than 900 bridges. Moreover, the company has finished over 50 tunnels, which is more than 40,000 m in total length, and it has also undertaken construction supervisions for more than 70 significant projects.

Henan Provincial Institute of Communications Planning Survey & Design

As a talent-intensive enterprise, the company recently owns 4 national and provincial masters on reconnaissance and design, 4 academic and technological leaders and excellent young experts on science and technology in Henan Province, 50 professor-level senior engineers, 9 doctors and postdoctors, 120 senior engineers, and 232 registered professionals in all relevant fields. The company is of a full range of specialties as well as solid and strong technical competence. It is one of the units with the highest intensity of top talents in Henan Province.

The company is one of the first units in China that starts to cooperate with overseas partners on economy and technology. Also, it has become a key enterprise undertaking the survey and design task for turnkey foreign aid projects assigned by the Ministry of Commerce. Over the 30 years, the company has been involved in and undertaken nearly 40 projects on survey, design, supervision and technical consultation for significant highway engineering projects and municipal engineering projects in more than 20 countries and regions in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America, covering Bangladesh, Mongolia, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Madagascar, Kenya, Antigua and Barbuda, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Dominica, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc. The company not only gives strong support to national foreign aid work, but also wins international acclaim. It is noted that in Bangladesh, the seven road bridges aided and constructed by China were all designed by our company. Among these projects, the Dhaleswari River Highway Bridge (the 6th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge), won National High Quality Project—the Luban Prize for oversea project.

The company has set up a specific department to take charge of the international projects. The survey and design tasks of international projects are allocated to the design divisions with strong ability, high quality, advantage in completing tough tasks, and rich experience in international projects, in order to fix the design group for international projects and keep the relative stability of the crew. The company pays high attention to the members who form the international investigation delegation, and sends the staff with high technical quality, strong professional ability and abundant experience after strict selection to accomplish the investigation tasks in foreign countries, and to check and control the significant problems, principle issues and key points in the project design. Besides, the company attaches importance to the professional level of the translator for the investigation group, and has cooperated with Zhengzhou University to conduct an English training program, which helped to find and cultivate a group of foreign language personnel to reserve compound talents in both techniques and English for the company’s international projects.

The company is developing in planning and growing in designing. With the steady business strategy, scientific management system, reasonable talent structure, and dynamic and competitive team spirit, it is obtaining the surging power to make a leapfrog development and win the future. Henan Provincial Communications Planning Survey & Design Institute Co. Ltd., who is keeping to plan the present scientifically and to blueprint the future elaborately, is striving for excellence and innovation, and making strides forward with the pioneering spirit to a more brilliant tomorrow.