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Tunnel And Underground Engineering

The company runs business in highway tunnel design and technical consultation (extra-long tunnel included), municipal tunnel (municipal road, rain water and sewage, utility tunnel and so on included), hydraulic tunnel and power tunnel design and technical consultation, design and technical consultation of each kind of underpassing pipeline and underground passage, foundation ditch and high slope treatment and other geotechnical engineering design and technical consultation, underground engineering design and technical consultation and so on. A host of tunnel survey and design works for highway projects inside and outside Henan Province have been completed, including Zhengzhou-Shirenshan Expressway, Yuzhou-Dengfeng Expressway, Linzhou-Changzhi Expressway, Yexian-Wugang Expressway, Neixiang-Dengzhou Expressway, Luoyang-Luanchuan Expressway, reconstruction and expansion of Luoyang-Sanmenxia Section of Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Expressway, Xiping-Siwan Expressway, and Yongshun-Jishou Expressway in Hunan Province. The surveys and designs of more than 160 tunnels have been completed, with a single-line accumulated length of over 100km. During the projects, the company has gained plentiful experience in expressway tunnel design of mountainous areas under complex geological conditions and in expressway reconstruction and expansion field.

In recent years, the company took part in the tunnel engineering of Jingguang Road-Shakou Road Fast Passage, cable tunnel on Xinyi Road in Zhengdong New District, sewage tunnel of the East District Development and Construction Project in the new town of Xin'an, pipe-jacking project of Zhongyuan Oil Field pipeline and other projects, and gained quite good social and economic benefit.