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Digital Image Service

Digital multimedia production center is full of talented people, whose majors cover road, bridge, environmental art, couputer, 3D animation and video production. With the international advanced digital imaging technology, center has been the industry leader in large-scale projects, construction animation, tracffic simulation, virtual reality and other aspects.


With the development of times, design becomes informatization and digitization. To conform to this trend, and improve the performance of roads, bridges, municipal, construction and other main design business, company sets up a digital multimedia production center to be responsible for company’s digital images, 3D design and multimedia production and improve performance level of design.

As part of company, production center has deeper undersstanding for project design. With exellent preformance concept of design and leading technology advantage, center actively expands its business. Through working steadily, center establishs long-term cooperative relations with design companies and institutes in Henan province and is acknowleged by them with high quality services and works.