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Building Engineering

Owning the A-level construction engineering design qualification, the company is one of the most powerful design enterprises in construction industry in Henan Province. For the past few years, it has finished nearly one hundred design projects on construction plan and design in this industry, like expressway management, service facilities, bus passenger station, logistics center and project feasibility report, taking up at least 2/3 of the whole expressway building construction projects in Henan Province. Apart from the plan and design for buildings in transport industry, the company's business also covers industrial and civil construction design for office business and dwelling.Other design fields like landscape design and interior design are also involved. General Plan of Songcheng Road Comprehensive Traffic Hub Area in Kaifeng, Maling New Town High-grade Residential Area in Mianchi (26 floors, 471,000m2), Xiaoqiao International High-grade Residential Area in Shangqiu (17 floors, 150,000m2), Yuguo Yihao Housing Estate in Pinglu, Shanxi (for both business and dwelling, 200,000m2), and factory project for Fuxing Electronic Technology Limited (for industry, 140,000m2) have already been completed.