Technical Research & Development

Henan Bridge Safety Technology Research Center

Henan Bridge Safety Technology Research Center is the provincial engineering research center of Henan Province, which was approved by Henan development and Reform Commission in 2011。

Since its establishment, the research center has mainly carried out research on expressway reconstruction and expansion technology, steel-concrete composite structure bridge technology, bridge assembly technology, bridge reinforcement technology, bridge information technology and many other technologies. It successively undertaken six science and technology projects, such as "R & D and large-scale application of fabricated corrugated steel web composite box girder", "performance-based design and mechanized construction technology of long-span steel-concrete composite girder bridge". It has won nine awards about science and technology progress awards of Henan Province and transportation science and technology awards of Henan Province, including two awards above provincial level. It published more than 20 core papers; published four monographs; compiled three local standards; obtained 52 national invention and utility model patents and five software copyrights.

The fabricated composite beam bridge with corrugated steel webs has good economy and construction convenience. It meets the requirements of assembly and the industry orientation of steel structure. It has won the first prize of Henan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019, and has been promoted and applied for 20 kilometers.

The monographs "R&D and Application of Super Wide Prefabricated Highway Steel Bridge" and "Repair Technology and Repair Mode of Burn Concrete Bridge " were published to fill the blank of research on rapid assembly technology of steel bridge and bridge fire rescue.