Technical Research & Development

Henan Highway Maintenance Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance

Initiated by HNRBI, the Henan Province Highway Maintenance Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was approved by Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology in December 2018 (No.204 [2018]).

The strategic alliance accepts the supervision and management of Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the business guidance of Henan Provincial Department of Transport, and strengthens the cooperation with Henan Provincial Highway Society. On the basis of voluntariness, equality, mutual benefit and cooperation, the first alliance consists of 21 equities, including Henan Provincial Expressway Network Management Center, Henan Wanli Transportation Technology Group Co., Ltd., Henan Gaoyuan Highway Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd., Chang'an University, Zhengzhou University, Henan University, Guolu hi-tech (Beijing) Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., covering dozens of national and provincial R&D platforms approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transport, the Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, established the Alliance Council, the Alliance Technical Committee, the Alliance Secretariat and the Alliance Work Office, and formulated the detailed constitution, development plan and system plan of the alliance, providing a strong guarantee for the development and operation of the alliance .

Focusing on recycling, energy saving and emission reduction, cold mixing and cold paving, high-performance engineering materials in special fields, and comprehensive service of intelligent management and maintenance for expressway, the alliance has successively undertaken three projects of the Ministry of Transport, including "Research on structural performance in-service evaluation of typical asphalt pavement and maintenance design technology", "Research on service behavior of subgrade and pavement", and the project "Low emission waste tire rubber powder composite modified asphalt pavement" from Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, as well as dozens of projects from Henan Provincial Department of Transport, such as "Environmental durability asphalt pavement materials and structure demonstration application technology research", "Improved design of Highway reconstruction and expansion and in situ cold recycling integrated technology research on old road pavement".

In terms of material research and development, we have successively completed the indoor research and development of waste tire rubber powder rubber asphalt, industrial waste slag grouting material, cement-based grouting material, duct grouting material, epoxy mortar, double grouting reinforcement material of cement/water glass, concrete rapid repair material for bridge joint anchorage zone, and prepared the relevant application guidelines, which are the basic conditions for the engineering transformation.

In the course of operation, facing the main battlefield of highway construction and maintenance, the alliance has published dozens of local standards in Henan Province, such as "Technical specification for construction of waste tire rubber powder composite modified asphalt pavement", "Technical detection and evaluation of highway reconstruction (expansion) of old road subgrade and pavement", "Technical specification for construction of dry mixed waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt pavement", and has dozens of computer software copyrights like "Asphalt mixture composition design and construction auxiliary system", "Expressway management and maintenance digital information platform", "Highway traffic emergency management system", hascompiled dozens of works like "Asphalt mixture composition design and construction technology", "Application technology of compound modified asphalt with waste tire rubber powder for road use", "Case analysis of early damage and typical diseases of subgrade and pavement", "Improvement technology of old road in expressway reconstruction and expansion project", etc., which has extremely played a leading role in the "Innovation Highland" of the alliance.