Technical Research & Development

Henan Key Laboratory of Solid Waste Materials Recycling in Road Engineering

At present, the laboratory has 38 personnel, including 2 management, 1 science and technology innovation leader of Central Plains, 1 expert enjoying special government allowance, 1 young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leader in transportation industry, 2 academic and technology leaders, 4 master tutors, 1 national excellent science and technology worker in highway sector, and 24 people with master's degree or above, accounting for 77.4% of the total number.

With the orientation of industry development and market demand, the laboratory adhere to strengthening industry communication and cooperation, carring out basic research, promoting resource sharing and open collaborative innovation platform, and realizing the organic combination of "production, learning, research and application". Now it has all kinds of scientific research space with an area of about 1500 square meters, and scientific research instruments and equipment with the total value more than 18.9 million CNY.

In order to further strengthen the recycling of solid waste materials, promote the comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources, release the pressure of ecological environment, and achieve high-quality economic and social development, the laboratory focuses on four basic research such as "Low emission multi-source tire rubber powder composite modified asphalt technology", "Multi-source industrial waste composite cementitious road material technology", "Waste road material recycling technology" and "Recycling utilization technology of construction waste materials". So far, the laboratory has undertaken 9 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level, with a total funding of more than 15.2 million CNY. It has won 4 provincial and ministerial level awards, 32 authorized invention patents, published 74 high-quality papers, hosted (hosted) 10 academic seminars, invited 86 national and international experts to exchange views, and accumulated 24 scientific research achievements, resulting in direct or indirect benefits more than Ten thousand CNY.

In the process of science and technology industrialization, the laboratory is building the industrial transformation and innovation base in the Xinxiang (Yuanyang) Demonstration Area of “Made in China 2025”, which is in the southwest area at the intersection of N107 and N327, and is constantly strengthenning the basic research and development of new engineering technology and new materials. Aiming at the five directions of manufacturing, transportation, erection, maintenance and repair in the three major engineering fields of highway, municipal and construction engineering, the intelligent construction base is constructed to realize the "productization, engineering and industrialization" of basic R & D achievements.