Technical Research & Development

Henan Tunnel Construction & Operation Safety Technology Engineering Lab

Relying on Henan Provincial Communication planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., the "tunnel construction and operation safety technology in Henan Engineering Laboratory" was approved by Henan Development and Reform Commission in 2017 ([2017] No. 1308).

The total construction area of the laboratory is 15000 square meters. There are blasting vibration instrument, high strain monitoring system and other experimental equipment. There are 6 researchers with senior titles or above.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has mainly focused on tunnel construction and operation safety technology, combined with the needs of tunnel refinement, intelligence and scientization, and carried out research on key and difficult problems in the process of tunnel construction and the whole process life cycle safety technology. The research involves "Highway Tunnel Optimized Ventilation and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Technology", "Key technology of tunnel group construction safety guarantee", "Key technology of highway tunnel optimized ventilation and disaster prevention and Mitigation technology", "Key Technology of Safety Guarantee for Tunnel Group Construction", "Deformation control technology of large-span shallow buried tunnel construction in loess area", "Design optimization and construction control technology of highway tunnel", "Safety control of pressure pipe under shallow buried collapsible loess tunnel", "key technology of super long highway tunnel crossing environmental sensitive area" and other different fields. It has successively undertaken "Research on optimization of energy-saving ventilation and fire emergency technology of super long highway tunnel". It has 12 scientific research projects, 6 scientific and technological awards such as Excellent Survey and Design Innovation Award of Henan Province, Survey and Design Industry Innovation Award of Henan Province, Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Province, 14 national invention and utility model patents, and 4 academic works and standards.

In the aspect of tunnel safety operation, it integrates the themes of energy-saving, rapid disaster prevention, emergency response and intelligent tunnel operation, and obtains the authorization of "Device for auxiliary tunnel shaft ventilation", "A simple auxiliary device of traditional jet fan for tunnel", "Firefighting robot fire extinguishing system for highway tunnels" and other national invention and utility patents, and obtained some software copyright such as "Drawing system for ventilation inclined shaft of super long highway tunnel", "Data management system for ventilation control of highway tunnel" and “Statistical analysis software of highway tunnel ventilation optimization data", which meets the needs of operation safety level promotion and update industrial development.

In the aspect of achievement transformation, research results of "Research on Key Technology of Safety Guarantee for Construction of Funiu Mountain Tunnel Group" have been applied in the construction of Zhoukou-Nanyang expressway, the new project of southward moving from luosanjie to Henan-Shanxi border of national highway 310, the control project of Naqu to Lhasa section of national highway 109 and other new projects, which provide guarantee for the safety of tunnel construction of these projects under construction. The research results of "Research on Ventilation Control and Optimization Energy Saving of Inclined Shaft in Extra Long Highway Tunnel" were used in muzaling tunnel of Yaoshan to Luanchuan section of Zhengzhou-Xi'an expressway and Taihang tunnel of Jiyuan-Yangquan expressway. To a certain extent, the construction period is saved and the cost of operation period is effectively reduced.