Technical Research & Development

Henan Highway Geological Disaster Prevention Technology Engineering Lab

In 2013, Henan Development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of "Henan Engineering Laboratory of Highway Geological Disease Prevention Technology" ([2013] No. 996), mainly supported by Henan Provincial Communication Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

The laboratory mainly carries out research on highway subgrade disaster prevention and control, and focuses on the following work: disaster prediction and emergency plan technology of highway natural (meteorological, geological, earthquake, etc.), highway risk assessment technology, highway disaster mitigation technology, highway disaster comprehensive management technology, highway disaster emergency and rescue technology, highway damage rapid repair technology, etc. It provides technical support for the improvement of road disaster prevention and control technology.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has undertaken 11 related scientific research projects, including "Development of geotechnical engineering construction monitoring information management and safety risk early warning system", "Research on instability mechanism and prevention monitoring technology of expansive soil slope in western Henan", "Key technology of regional subgrade disaster prevention based on Beidou high-precision positioning", and has won two awards of the first prize of Henan Provincial Transportation Science and technology award, one first prize of Henan Excellent Survey and Design Innovation Award, and one first prize of Henan Survey and Design Science and Technology Progress Award. It has obtained more than 10 national invention and utility model patents and 6 software copyrights.

In the aspect of infrastructure safety operation, the "Highway slope disaster prevention and mitigation and subgrade disease big data platform" based on Beidou high-precision positioning and Internet of Things is developed, which can realize the data collection and query, automatic dynamic monitoring, early warning and prediction of slope disaster, and provide scientific and technical support for the control of dynamic safety state of slope and the formulation of emergency disposal plan.