Technical Research & Development

Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center

As one of the HNRBI's five major business sectors, environmental business is of great significance to the company's strategic development. In order to improve the company's technical level in the field of ecological environmental protection and environmental remediation as soon as possible, also develop and reserve new environmental protection technologies, new equipment, new materials and new processes, and cooperate with the rapid expansion of environmental business, HNRBI established the "Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center" in 2019.

Talents are the foundation of the development of Environmental Engineering Technology Research Center, so the center attaches great importance to the introduction and training of professionals. There are 12 researchers in the center, including 1 doctor, 7 postgraduates, in which 5 with senior or above qualifications.

Based on the outstanding ecological and environmental problems faced by the country and society, combined with the development strategy and planning of the company's environmental business, the research direction of the center is water environmental pollution treatment and remediation, solid waste treatment and soil pollution treatment and remediation, and the research focus is on the research and development and manufacture of new environmental protection chemicals and materials, and the promotion and application of new environmental protection technologies. At present, the center also plans to build an environmental analysis division and an environmental monitoring division to assist the development of research work.

While carrying out the research work, the center also undertakes the responsibility of environmental new business development. At present, the center has obtained the grade-B qualification of environmental engineering special design, and has undertaken a number of environmental protection consulting projects, mainly including the investigation of soil environmental quality of contaminated sites, the compiles of ecological special report on land and space control planning of Henan expressway, the compiles of ecological special report on land and space control planning of Henan inland navigation, the engineering technology research center of HNRBI and Environmental impact assessment of industrial transformation and innovation base , environmental protection acceptance of Guandu Yellow River Bridge project.

The environmental engineering technology research center will continue to forge ahead and make more contributions to ecological environment protection!