Technical Research & Development

Transport Strategy Development Institute

"Thinking deeply, seeking strategic development; Practicing rationally, building a new Idea Bank".

Henan Transport Strategy Development Research Institute is established in March 2020 in accordance with the strategic positioning of building a new idea bank, serving the government's decision-making, social needs and company development. In addition to more than 20 full-time researchers, it can deploy professionals from transportation, municipal, construction, environmental protection, energy and other aspects of the company's production teams to participate in the project research. The research scope includes macroeconomic, comprehensive transportation, urban development, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Since establishment, it has completed several major research projects, including: Henan Transportation Development Report 2019 (White Paper), Henan Transportation High-quality Development and Infrastructure Medium and Long-term Layout Planning, Henan Expressway Network Planning (2020-2035), Zhengzhou Metropolitan Transportation Integration Development Planning (2020-2035), Research on function upgrading and construction operation mode of expressway service facilities in Henan Province. These have a wide range of influence in and outside Henan province. In addition, it cooperate with the Provincial Government Counselor's Office, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Transport and other government departments to complete a number of special research reports, policy research reports, etc., providing a theoretical research basis for government decision-making.

The research results and experts in Idea Bank have been reproduced and reported by authoritative media such as Henan Daily, official medea of Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhengzhou Release, Dahe Newspaper, Sina Henan, Sina-Henan News, Bloomberg News and Xiaoxiang Morning Post. Dahe Daily has set up a special page for its official account, and the topic has published the latest research results.