Company Logo

Interpretation:The company logo of Henan Provincial Communications Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd is designed by Mr. Xiao Hong, a famous Chinese craft artist and designer of Hong Kong and Macao regional emblem. The design of the logo is simple and fluent, full of modern flavor, with beautiful composition and profound implication. The outline of the pattern is like the rising sun. The pattern is composed of vast fields, surging rivers and roads stretching to the distance. The lines and curves in the pattern intersect to form the English letter "H", which means “Henan” and “Highway”. The extended line and curve intersect to form the English letter "A", which means the best.

Enterprise Mission: Create Value, Live Better

Interpretation:To provide customers with high quality services, win the market;To create value for customers, and realize company value and employee's individual value;To improve people's quality of life and make people's life better through infrastructure projects. To make employees’ life better through the realization of their individual value.

Enterprise Vision: A Leading Multidisciplinary Consulting Enterprise

Interpretation:To continuously improve the company's ability to provide comprehensive services in the whole life cycle in the fields of planning and research, survey and design, test and inspection, project management, operation management, etc., and become a leading comprehensive technical engineering services provider in China.

Core Values: Pursuit of excellence, to sincerely carry out works with concentration, honesty and responsibility, cooperation and win-win

Interpretation:Company and every employee should have the mentality of pursuing excellence and the consciousness of fine quality, and concentrate on practice and steady work; They should be honest, have the courage to take responsibility, and achieve win-win results through unity and cooperation.

Development Concept: Service as Core, Quality as Foundation, Technology as Prime And Market as Orientation

Quality policy:Standardization, Innovation, Integration And Perfection

Interpretation:In the process of production activities, we should standardize the operation, promote the continuous improvement of technical level with innovation, create high-quality achievements, and provide high-quality services for relevant parties to build a harmonious society.