Established in 1964, Henan Provincial Institute of Communications Planning Survey & Design, the predecessor of Henan Provincial Communications Planning &Design Institute Co., Ltd (in short HNRBI), is a comprehensive national engineering design consultancy.

In recent years, HNRBI's business scope has expanded rapidly, and now has more than 20 Class-A qualification in the following fields: highway design, municipal design (drainage engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering, urban tunnel engineering, rail transit engineering), architectural design, engineering survey (comprehensive Class-A), engineering surveying and mapping (GIS Engineering, engineering surveying, real estate surveying and mapping), engineering consultancy (highway, municipal public works, PPP), engineering supervision (highway engineering, building, municipal public works), highway engineering (comprehensive Class-A), landscape engineering design. Basically, the business scope covers most of the infrastructure construction fields.

HNRBI is devoted to provide engineering consulting services in the fields of road, bridge, tunnel, railway, underground space, air-defense works, water transportation, architecture, environment, landscape, intelligent traffic, logistics planning, PPP, investigation, design, scientific research, test detection, project supervision, etc. HNRBI It is a national certified high-tech firm.

By the end of 2020, HNRBI has completed highway survey and design of more than 17,300 Km, completed the survey and design of expressways with a length of 7600 km, including Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway in Henan Province. HNRBI has completed expressway reconstruction in hilly and mountainous terrain of over 1,000 kilometers, and design of more than 559 independent bridges and super large bridges, including 24 Yellow River Highway Bridges in Henan Province. HNRBI has completed 277 tunnel design with a single track length of more than 1000 kilometers. HNRBI has also completed construction supervision of 70 highway, major bridges and grand bridges, and highway detection of more than 10,000 km, detection of more than 4,900 bridges.

HNRBI is one of the earliest consulting firms running international business in China. HNRBI has participated in and undertaken highway project design, construction supervision and technical consultation of more than 70 magnificent international projects in more than 30 countries and regions across Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, such as survey and design of 7 friendship bridges and N8 Highway in Bangladesh, highway network planning and main line network planning for the Kingdom of Cambodia, survey, design and project management for Niger Third Bridge, survey and design of York Valley Bridge in Dominica. At present, HNRBI has branches in Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and a subsidiary in Kenya.

HNRBI regards the innovation of technique as its soul, attaches great importance to R&D investment. 15 R&D platforms have been set up subordinate to Engineering Technology Institute. Among them, there are 9 industry and provincial R&D platforms, including 1 national industrial research center—(Highway Construction and Maintenance Technology, Materials and Equipment R&D Center), 3 provincial engineering research centers(Intelligent Highway Big Data Engineering Technology, Creative Strategy Alliance of Highway Maintenance Technology, Henan Expressway Intelligent Maintenance Decision and Henan Provincial Bridge Safety Technology), 1 provincial key lab—Henan Key Lab of Solid Waste Materials Recycling in Road Engineering, 2 provincial engineering laboratories—Henan Tunnel Construction & Operation Safety Technology Engineering Lab & Henan Highway Geological Hazard Prevention Technology Engineering Lab, 1 provincial industry alliance—Henan Highway Maintenance Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, 1 municipal engineering laboratory—Zhengzhou Key Lab of Low Discharge Road Construction & Maintenance Technology, 6 professional R&D centers, including Highway Disaster Prevention Technology Engineering Lab (rely on Henan provincial key laboratory—Highway Geological Disaster Prevention Technology Engineering Lab), Tunnel and Underground Engineering Technology Research Center (rely on Henan provincial key laboratory—Tunnel Construction & Operation Safety Technology Engineering Lab), Henan Transportation Strategy Development Research Institute, Henan Transportation Safety Research Center, Road Safety and Intelligent Transportation Technology Research Center, Environment Engineering Technology Research Center.

In addition, holding subsidiary—Zhongyun International Engineering Co., Ltd. has established the academician workstation of mine water prevention and resource utilization in Zhengzhou, Henan provincial geological disaster prevention engineering technology research center, Henan provincial enterprise (Zhongyun International Engineering Co., Ltd.) technology center, and Zhengzhou geological disaster prevention engineering technology research center.

HNRBI has national leading experience and technology in highway reconstruction and expansion technology, super large bridge design, PC composite box girder bridge with corrugated steel webs, highway bridge test and detection, geotechnical engineering and many other aspects. A total of 93 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects have been completed. 59 projects such as Packaged Technology of Prestressed Concrete Composite Box Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs have won provincial and ministerial scientific achievement awards. HNRBI has 248 patents and 105 software copyrights and has compiled and published Design and Application of PC Composite Box Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs, Technical Guide for Setting Guide Signs on Expressways in Henan Province, and Series of Key Technologies for Reconstruction and Expansion of Expressways (5 volumes in total) and Series of Emergency Protection of Highway Traffic (2 volumes in total); Participated in the compilation of national industry standards including Technical Specification for Colored Asphalt Concrete for Urban Roads, Detailed Specification for Design of Expressway Reconstruction and Extension Projects and Facilities Along the Alighment, edited local standards including Henan Province: Guide to Expressway Design, Code for Design of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs, participated in the compilation of Henna Provincial Code for Survey and Design of Building Foundation, Henan Provincial Technical Specification for Foundation Pit Engineering and other local standards of Henan Province. The company has won 58 national awards and 503 provincial and ministerial awards, including Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, Luban Prize, National Quality Engineering Award and National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award.

Develop in planning and expand in design. The steady business strategy, scientific management system, reasonable talent structure, energetic and effective team spirit have provide surging power to leapfrog development and decisive future of HNRBI. Henan Provincial Communications Planning &Design Institute Co., Ltd constantly plans the present scientifically and designs the future elaborately. With the pioneering spirit of pursuing excellence and innovation, it strides forward to a more brilliant tomorrow!