Digital Image Services

Multimedia (digital multimedia center) of HNRBI, is a professional team engaged in digital image, 3D animation, multimedia and film and television production. Talents cover road and bridge, environmental art, animation, exhibition hall design, graphic design, copywriting planning, digital archives, film and television director and other disciplines. At present, it has Planning and Graphic Department, Architectural Performance Department, Animation Department, Film and Television Department and Archives Digitization Department. Its business covers renderings, real scene synthesis, three-dimensional animation, BIM, VI design, brand planning, graphic design, Mg animation, digital exhibition hall, electronic sand table model, VR, 720 ° panorama, film and television propaganda film, digital archives construction, archives digitization processing, etc. for road and bridge, tunnel and other works.

Living up to our youth, aspiration, and dreams.

We are determined to become a leading digital image and multimedia video services provider in the field of Engineering Technology in China!

Business Scope

Architectural Expression: Road and bridge, municipal works, architecture, landscape - renderings, animation

Virtual Reality: VR panoramic, 720 ° panoramic, BIM construction simulation animation

Multi-Media: Flash animation, MG animation, report PPT, bidding video

Digital Exhibition Hall: Interactive projection, virtual imaging, multimedia sand table model

Film and Television Shooting: Enterprise advertising video, Subject video, aerial photography, photography

Digital Archives: Construction of digital archives and digital processing of Archives

Contact Information

Tel: 0371-62037190,62037189

Mobile: 18503710360,18838096701


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