International Engineering

As one of the earliest domestic companies to carry out international economic and technical cooperation business with foreign countries, over the years, Henan Provincial Communication Planning & Division Co., Ltd has participated in and undertaken the design, construction supervision and technical consulting work of more than 50 major foreign aid roads and bridges. Projects including the survey and design of 7 bridges in Bangladesh, the planning of Cambodian national expressway, the planning of Cambodian national trunk line network, survey, design and management of the China-aided Niger third bridge, and the survey and design of the China-aided York Gorge Bridge in Dominica. The project covers more than 30 countries and regions including Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, etc., while strongly supporting the national foreign aid work, the Chinese road and bridge brand has been spread overseas.

Business Advantages

The International Engineering Design Institute is a window for the company to expand into the global market. It relies on the platform built by national foreign aid projects, gives full play to the comprehensive technical advantages of Henan Provincial Communication Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd, and actively tries new business models. It has established a good strategic cooperation relationship with more than ten large domestic construction companies and financial institutions, with significant advantages in technology, management, finance, etc. The company has set up branches in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Kenya to actively carry out preliminary work, establish a good relationship with the local government, collect project information, seek market breakthroughs, carry out localized services, , creating favorable conditions for the company to develop international business.