Road Engineering

The 1st Design Division is the earliest one formed in HNRBI. It is a comprehensive design and consulting division engaged in highway engineering, mainly for the survey, design and planning consulting of expressways and national and provincial trunk highways. At present, there are more than 80 professional and technical personnel in the division, including 15 senior and above engineers and 40 intermediate engineers.

In recent years, it has undertaken the survey and design work of many provincial key projects, such as "Reconstruction and Expansion of Zhengzhou Airport Expressway ", "Yaoshan-Luanchuan Expressway", "Luanchuan-Lushi Expressway", "Zhoukou-Nanyang Expressway", "Fengqiu-Yuanyang Expressway", "Anyang Luoshan Expressway", with rich design experience and advanced technologies. They have completed survey and design for highway more than 10,000 kilometers, for expressways more than 5,000 kilometers including sections of the Beijing-HongKong-Macao Expressway and Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway in Henan Province;Additionally more than 1,000 kilometers of expressway reconstruction and expansion projects have been completed, of which the Luoyang Sanmenxia (provincial boundary) section of the Lianyungang-Khorgos is the first expressway reconstruction and expansion project in mountainous and hilly areas in China.

At the same time, they are continuously improving their design level and actively exploring the overseas market. It has accumulated rich overseas engineering experience through China-aided projects such as Buenos Aires Road Pavement in Bolivia, Roseau-Portsmouth road repair project in Dominic, reconstruction of Congested Section of Kathmandu Inner Ring Road in Nepal, and created a good opportunity to enhance the influence of HNRBI brand.

Business Advantages

Class A certificated in the sector of highway.

HNRBI has won more than 30 national awards and 170 provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, Puyang-Hebi expressway has won the silver award of national quality engineering, Jiyuan-Jiaozuo-Xinxiang section of Jiyuan-Jiaozuo expressway has won the bronze award of national excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award and the silver award of national quality engineering, and the reconstruction and expansion of Anyang-Xinxiang section of Beijing-Hongkong-Macao expressway has won the second prize of national highway design Awards.

They compiled and published "Henan Provincial Guideline for Highway Guiding Sign Installation " and "Series of Key Technologies of Highway Reconstruction and Expansion" (five volumes); Participated in the compilation of national industry standard "Technical Specification of Colored Asphalt Concrete for Urban Roads", "Detailed Design Rules for Reconstruction and Extension of Expressway and Facilities along the Road", and edited the local standard of Henan Province "Expressway Design Guideline".