Landscape and Garden Architecture

The Landscape/Garden and Municipal Engineering Division, established in 2019, is one of the production departments directly under HNRBI. It is engaged in the planning, consulting and design of landscape and municipal engineering. It has professional grade-A qualification for landscape architecture engineering design, grade-A qualification for engineering consulting, and grade-B qualification for engineering cost consulting. Its business scope covers landscape planning and design of landscape architecture, municipal engineering, highway, urban ecological water system, various parks, urban square, street view, green buffer, attached green space of all kinds of construction land, scenic and recreational green space, ecological corridor, transport and tourism integration, beautiful countryside, and planning and design of municipal road, landscape bridge, municipal pipe network, sponge city. There are more than 50 professional and technical talents in the division, including Xie Liangping, member of the HNRBI's professional technology committee, chief technology officer and senior engineer of Landscape/Garden and Municipal Engineering Division. Sun Chuang, deputy director of the division, registered cost engineer and senior engineer. Tang Rui, member of HNRBI's professional technology committee and deputy director of division. He Ying is a member of the HNRBI's professional technology committee, deputy director and senior engineer of the division; Wang Shutian is a member of HNRBI's professional technology committee, department director, senior engineer and registered public equipment engineer (water supply and drainage). Zhao Xingming is a senior engineer, department director, and has taken charge of the design of national exhibition park for many times and won the "Zhongzhou Cup" award of construction engineering for many times.

Landscape/Garden and Municipal Engineering Division always adheres to the development concept of "One person goes fast, a group of people go far", and strives to build an integrated professional landscape team with market competitiveness.

Business Advantages

Landscape/Garden and Municipal Engineering Division is well organized with professional personnel, including 8 senior engineers, 14 engineers and 5 registered personnel. Its business scope covers landscape engineering, municipal engineering design and consulting. It has the ability to undertake large-scale comprehensive projects such as road landscape, ecological water system, ecological park and urban renewal.