Highway Maintenance

Highway Maintenance Design Division (hereinafter referred to as: Maintenance Division) is a comprehensive design consulting department engaged in highway maintenance business under HNRBI. The business covers maintenance planning and decision-making consultation, highway large and medium-sized maintenance survey and design, subgrade drainage damage prevention and rescue, bridge and tunnel maintenance and reinforcement, safety improvement of traffic safety facilities, toll station expansion and service area improvement, design consultation, etc. There are 33 professionals in the division, including 1 professor of engineering, 4 senior engineers and 18 engineers. Relying on the inspection and design work experience of nearly 1000 kilometers about old highway reconstruction and expansion in the province, nearly 6000 kilometers of maintenance survey and design work has been completed in recent years, and highway maintenance projects undertaken each year account for more than 70% of the total investment in the province's highway maintenance.

Business Advantages

Relying on the national industry R&D Center of highway construction and maintenance technology, materials and equipment in transportation industry, through Henan Transportation Infrastructure Data Center and Intelligent Management Service Platform (HDMS), it provides different customer groups with road network-level maintenance planning decision, project-level maintenance planning scheme, highway maintenance survey and design, maintenance construction technology consulting service and maintenance service, after-service evaluation and other whole-process services.

Presided over various scientific research projects, such as the key technologies of highway reconstruction and expansion, the key structural design and construction technology of asphalt pavement, the cold recycling technology of emulsified asphalt (foamed asphalt), the classification standard of highway maintenance engineering, the modification technology of tire rubber asphalt, and so on, combining traditional design of highway maintenance engineering tightly with scientific research and development.