Urban Construction Planning

The Urban Construction Planning & Design Division is an important technical team of HNRBI to vigorously expand the business in the field of land and space planning. It is a comprehensive production department integrating land and space planning, urban transportation, engineering consulting, etc. At present, a high-quality team with complete professional categories, strong technical strength and rich business experience has been established, covering urban and rural construction planning, cultural geography, land resource management, transportation planning and management, landscape and garden, municipal engineering and other specialties. There are more than 30 professional and technical personnel, including 6 senior engineers and above, 14 registered urban and rural planners, and 15 people with master degree or above.

Business Advantages

In recent years, our company has paid more and more attention to the land and space planning business, focusing on introducing high-level talents and building a high-quality team. When the department was established, it obtained the grade B qualification of urban and rural planning, and carried out a variety of business types, including master planning, control line detailed planning, constructive detailed planning, special planning, planning consultation, village planning and other planning businesses The department has rich experience in urban transportation, traffic impact assessment, traffic connection, planning and site selection, and its business scope covers the whole province. The urban construction and planning business sector has won 3 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes of excellent engineering consulting awards in Henan Province. The Special Planning of Sponge City - Yuzhou(2016-2030)  won the second prize of excellent urban and rural planning and design in 2019, and Improving the Screening Accuracy of Construction Land in Tiangong Mountain Scenic Spot won the first prize of excellent QC group in Henan survey and design industry.