Water Transport Engineering

Water Transport and Water Conservancy Planning and Design Division was established in 2019. It is a comprehensive design consulting division engaged in water transport, water conservancy and other business of HNRBI. It is the only water transport design team in Henan Province, was established in 2014. By the platform of the HNRBI, the team is based on the water transport market in Henan Province, and is committed to providing high-quality technical services for building a comprehensive transportation system in Henan Province and aims to make up for the shortcomings of inland river shipping. Its main business includes research, consultation, survey and design of inland river shipping development project, fishing port in reservoir area, yacht wharf, port and shipping infrastructure project, compilation of impact assessment report on waterway navigation conditions of river crossing buildings and riverside buildings, compilation of local standards and normative documents of provincial and municipal water transportation industry, etc.

Business Advantages

At present, Water Transport & Conservancy Planning and Design Division has class-B design qualification in water transportation industry, with more than 40 professional and technical talents, including 5 senior engineers and 15 intermediate engineers. We are committed to providing the best quality water transport consulting and design services, contributing to the development of water transport in Henan Province.

By 2017, the water transport engineering design team of HNRBI, cooperated with the navigation bureau of Henan Provincial Department of Transportation, and completed draft of normative documents (standards) such as Guide to Standardization of Water Transport Engineering Construction in Henan Province, Implementation Rules for Market Credit Evaluation of Water Transport Engineering Construction in Henan Province, Measures for Project Management of Port and Shipping Safety Search and Rescue Port Station Construction in Reservoir Area of Henan Province (Trial). And has undertaken the survey and design of the navigation engineering from Luohe to Pingdingshan section of Shahe River, scientific research on the navigation development engineering of Jialu River, design of the upgrading and reconstruction engineering of the navigation channel from Zhoukou to the provincial boundary of Shaying River, and completed the feasibility and construction drawing design of the construction project of the port and shipping safety infrastructure of Zhaikou reservoir, the scheme design of the navigation aids and management facilities of Danjiang reservoir area in Xichuan County, and the Changquan wharf project of Jiyuan port project feasibility study report, feasibility study and preliminary design of Luoyang water traffic safety emergency rescue center, feasibility study and construction drawing design of Xixiayuan port and shipping center project in Jili District, implementation scheme preparation of Xiaolangdi reservoir fishing port project in Xin'an County, construction drawing design of Wan'an fishing port project of Luhun reservoir in Songxian County, feasibility study of Riyue River port and shipping safety supervision infrastructure project in Yongcheng city, and Qianping in Ruyang County consultation, survey, design and research on engineering feasibility study of reservoir port and waterway safety supervision infrastructure project.