Comprehensive Transportation Planning

The Transport Planning Division of HNRBI is the leading comprehensive transportation research institution in Henan Province. The business covers comprehensive transportation planning, regional road network planning, transportation and tourism integration development planning, urban transportation planning, project feasibility study, project application report, fund application report, project proposal, PPP consultation, pricing consultation, investment benefit consultation, etc.

A multi-disciplinary, high-quality and strong technical team has been established, which is specialized in transportation planning and management, transportation engineering, road and bridge engineering, investment and financing of economic engineering and other fields. There are 54 professional and technical personnel, including 18 professor level senior engineers, 8 registered consulting engineers and 47 masters.

Business Advantages

Based on Henan Province and facing the whole country, the transportation planning division has grown up and developed its business abroad. At present, it has a number of Class-A credit certificates covering highway, municipal public works, Public and Private Partnership (PPP) consulting, and has been listed on the shortlist of Ministry of Finance, Henan Provincial Department of Finance and many municipal PPP professional consulting institutions in Henan Province, with a large number of excellent professionals. Over the years, it has successively completed the comprehensive transportation system planning of the Central Plains Economic Zone, the highway and waterway development planning of Promoting the Rise of Central China, the national and provincial highway layout planning of Henan Province, the comprehensive transportation development planning of Zhengzhou metropolitan area, Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Yongcheng and other cities and counties, the national road network planning of Cambodia, the highway network planning of Henan Province, and nearly 10000 kilometers of expressways and more than 3000 kilometers of trunk roads, and more than 50 PPP investment and financing consulting projects.