City Traffic and Underground Engineering

City Traffic & Underground Engineering Division is a comprehensive technical department engaged in scientific research, planning, design and consulting of urban traffic and underground engineering. It is the only local company in Henan province with grade-A qualification of extreme long tunnel in highway industry, grade-A qualification of rail transit in municipal industry, grade-A qualification of urban tunnel in municipal industry, grade-A qualification of construction engineering in architecture industry and grade-B qualification of civil air defense engineering and urban rail transit consulting and other underground engineering. Its business scope covers the design and consultation of road, bridge, tunnel, rail transit, utility tunnel, civil air defense engineering, urban underground space engineering, etc., and carries out relevant technical research and development. The division has more than 120 professional and technical backbones, and has Tunnel and Underground Engineering Technology Research Center, as well as Henan Tunnel Construction and Operation Safety Technology Engineering Laboratory.

Civil Air Defense Engineering and Underground Space Development: including civil air defense engineering, underground parking lot, ground parking building, passenger station, TOD, etc.

Business Advantages

Highway Tunnel: In recent years, more than 240 highway tunnels have been surveyed and designed, and the total length of single track is nearly 500 kilometers. The representative projects are 9.2-kilometre Funiushan Tunnel of Luanchuan- Shuanglong Expressway, spiral tunnel of kuaicunying-Yingpan section of Xinxiang-Jincheng Expressway, loess tunnel of national highway N310 and Xiaohan Avenue. The projects we participated in have won many honors, such as National Quality Engineering Award, Henan Excellent Survey and Design Innovation Award, etc. At present, we have rich technical experience in the design and consultation of long and large highway tunnels, operation ventilation of extreme long tunnels, disaster prevention technology, safety risk assessment technology of tunnels and underground projects, disease prevention technology of tunnels and underground projects during operation, etc.

Municipal Engineering: Successively participated in the design of Xiaohan Avenue in Sanmenxia city, reconstruction and expansion of Qiwan rapid road in Zhongshan city, East expansion area of Xinxiang High-tech Zone underpass the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and other municipal engineering design and consulting work. It has traditional advantages in the whole process of consulting service of overpassing and crossing expressway in Henan province, and its trenchless underpass technology has obvious advantages. It has rich design experience in complex comprehensive municipal projects with high proportion of bridges and tunnels; it has special understanding on operation modes of old city upgrading and reconstruction.

Rail Transit: It has participated in more than 30 subway stations and nearly 20 sections, including various forms, such as side stations, open and underground excavation combined stations, crossover transfer stations, crossing existing municipal interchange stations, etc. It has strong design ability and accumulated rich engineering experience in the design of subway construction, and has undertaken further technical research on some derivatives business in connection with subway station, such as connection channels, underground commerce, superstructure and TOD development based on subway station. It is one of the few teams in the provincial transportation design industry with the ability of designing subway and related underground space.