Engineering BIM

The Digitalization Technology Research Division was established in 2016, formerly known as Engineering BIM Technology R&D and Application Center. It is a R&D department engaged in exploring 3D forward design technology of highway engineering and developing infrastructure digital management platform. It undertakes technical research, production tasks and provide technical support related to engineering digitization, and is responsible for the construction of digital engineering platform and the research of various application software Research, development, integration, application and standardization. The Digitalization Technology Research Division currently has more than 30 professional and technical personnel and software development personnel, including 2 senior engineers, 1 senior engineer, 8 senior system engineers and 15 engineers. It is committed to the research and construction of digital and information management system of highway construction, providing information consultancy and design services, and contributing to the development of highway industry in Henan Province.

Business Advantages

The team has significant technical and business advantages in the exploration and application of highway 3D forward design, the whole process consultation of BIM Technology, the research and development and promotion of digital platform, the integration and application of BIM Technology and VR, 3D printing technology, tilt photography, digital processing and other new technologies. The team has independently researched and developed "Highway Construction Digital Collaborative Management Platform", "BIM Display System Based on UE4 Software" and "Construction Project Management Evaluation System" and other products. It has undertaken BIM consulting services for more than 20 projects in Henan province, covering highway, municipal, civil construction, water transportation and other fields. It has undertaken 4 ministerial and provincial scientific research projects, applied for 7 invention patents, 14 software copyrights, and won 9 awards in BIM competitions in China and internationally.

Typical Projects
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