Engineering Survey & Investigation

Engineering Survey & Investigation Division mainly carries out geological survey of highway, bridge and tunnel engineering; Engineering survey of municipal engineering, rail transit and civil engineering; geophysical survey; geotechnical survey, design, scientific research and technical consultation of foundation pit and high slope treatment; Engineering survey, design and risk assessment for geological disaster treatment engineering. The team has the technical ability and project experience to solve various geological disasters, and the comprehensive technical level is leading in China. It also carries out investigation and evaluation of geothermal resources, heating (cooling) system of deep and shallow geothermal energy in civil buildings, comprehensive test projects such as geophysical exploration, chemical analysis and thermal response test, and energy-saving transformation of high-energy consumption projects in civil buildings. In addition, it carries out design of water pollution prevention and control engineering, design of pollution remediation engineering, environmental quality investigation, soil pollution remediation, environmental impact assessment, environmental protection acceptance, etc.

Business Advantages

The Survey & Investigation Division is specialized in engineering investigation under complex geological conditions; investigation of complex and special structures; prevention and treatment of geological disasters; analysis and treatment of special geotechnical engineering; geotechnical engineering investigation and design and treatment of slope and foundation pit engineering; geotechnical engineering investigation, design, scientific research and technical consultation of goaf treatment; development and application of ground source heat pump technology.

In recent years, it has won 7 national survey awards and 19 provincial survey awards. The overpass project under Zhongzhou Avenue in Zhengzhou City has won the 15th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award.