Bridge Engineering

HNRBI has completed the survey and design of more than 500 highway and municipal bridges and super large bridges, including 12 super large bridges overpassing the Yellow River and 11 bridges abroad, covering a variety of bridge types such as beam bridge, arch bridge, cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge and composite structure bridge. It has accumulated rich bridge survey and design experience and won a number of National, Ministerial and Provincial-level Design Awards.

Committed to the research and development of bridge technology and standards, HNRBI has improved its core technical ability, completed more than 20 bridge-related patent applications, 4 software copyright applications, participated in the compilation of the national standard Technical Specification for Composite Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs, compiled and published Design and Application of PC Composite Box Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs, Design Code for Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs of Highway, Bridge and Culvert Structure Splicing Technology of Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project and other bridge works and specifications.

Business Advantages

HNRBI has national leading technology and rich practical experience in long and large bridge design technology, fabricated corrugated steel web composite beam, composite structure and steel structure bridge, bridge informatization, bridge reinforcement and monitoring, etc.

Based on the main business of bridge design, HNRBI actively expand special reinforcement, bridge rescue, consulting and safety assessment, construction monitoring and health monitoring and other bridge extension business.

HNRBI has grade-A qualification of super large bridge in highway industry, grade-A qualification of bridge engineering in municipal industry, grade-A qualification of bridge engineering consulting, and special test and detection qualification of bridge tunnel engineering. Relying on Bridge Design and Research Institute and Bridge Safety Technology Engineering Research Center, HNRBI focuses on the design of long-span and composite structure bridges, bridge technology consultation, research and promotion of bridge reinforcement and reconstruction technology, bridge standardization technology research, bridge construction monitoring, bridge reinforcement construction, bridge safety risk assessment, bridge health monitoring, etc.