Traffic Engineering And Logistics Engineering

Traffic and Logistics Engineering Division was established in 2008 (Traffic Engineering Division) and renamed in 2013. Its business covers expressway mechanical and electrical engineering, intelligent highway, intelligent traffic, intelligent station, urban traffic engineering, public traffic, road safety, logistics engineering. It has more than 60 employees, including 2 professors of engineering, 4 senior engineers and 16 engineers, with more than 95% bachelor degree or above.

In recent years, it has undertaken mechanical and electrical engineering for expressway reconstruction and expansion nearly 1000 km such as the trunk road of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao and Lianyungang-Khorgos in Henan Province, participated in compiling Design Code for Traffic Engineering of Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion and Facilities Alongside with Beijing Academy of Transportation Sciences and China Tektronix. The draft has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Transport for approval. More and more attention has been paid to the construction of information technology in transportation. The Traffic and Logistics Engineering Division has also actively participated in the planning and design of relevant projects, and has compiled the Informatization Development Planning of Henan Gaofa Company. At present, we are compiling the Transportation Informatization Development Planning of Jiaozuo City. In addition, with the increasing complexity of highway network structure in Henan Province, the problem of path identification in highway network toll is becoming more and more prominent. At present, we are carrying out the feasibility study and design of "Henan Highway Network Multi-path Identification System".

Business Advantages

  We provide one-stop planning and design, decision-making consultation, system integration, software development and other technical services, the main business scope is as follows:

Urban traffic and road safety: road traffic management facilities planning and design, traffic organization scheme design, intelligent transportation system planning and design, VISSIM simulation, public transport (BRT) planning and design, road traffic safety evaluation, road safety potential danger management.

Intelligent traffic: it mainly includes expressway intelligent system design, trunk highway intelligent system design, tunnel intelligent system special design, and other demonstration projects, overload control, toll station management, service area management and other special intelligent system improvement design and corresponding software module development.

Highway mechanical and electrical engineering: mainly including highway mechanical and electrical engineering design, trunk highway mechanical and electrical engineering design, road mechanical and electrical engineering special design (road monitoring / tunnel monitoring, meteorology / vehicle inspection / guidance and other special transformation, monitoring center upgrading, toll station expansion, weight / toll lane / etc. / non-inductive payment / entrance overload control transformation, communication network upgrading, square lighting / tunnel lighting etc.

Logistics Engineering: mainly including regional logistics development planning, enterprise logistics development planning, government logistics development strategy, multimodal transport system planning and demonstration project, logistics park operation mode planning and demonstration project, etc.