Shahe Waterway (Pingdingshan – Luohe) Engineering
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The Shaying River, the largest tributary of Huaihe River, is a natural river with a long history of navigation, with total length of 378km in Henan Province. Currently the water channel section from Zhoukou to Yu-Wan provincial boundary is capable for shipping. It opened the water gateway to east China, closely linked Henan province with the Yangtze River Delta and other developed economical areas, also connected with the national water transport network.

The waterway, starts from Pingdingshan Port, ends at the mouth of the Beiru river, is 29.3km (including 4.3km of the Beiru river) long, was constructed following level - IV waterway standards.

Main project tasks:

Waterway renovation - 29.3km

Construction of Xiangcheng port district of Xuchang Port, including 2 docks (500T grade), with the design shipping capability of 1,520,000 ton per year.

Construction of Yexian port district of Pingdingshan Port, including 11 docks (500T grade,6 for bulk cargo and 5 for chemicals), with the design shipping capability of 4,350,000 ton per year.

Shahe Waterway (Pingdingshan – Luohe) Engineering

Shahe River Waterway (Luohe – Pingdingshan)

Shahe Waterway (Pingdingshan – Luohe) Engineering

Pile foundation of Yexian port district of Pingdingshan Port