Technical Research & Development

Transportation Industrial Highway Construction/ Maintenance Technology, Materials and Equipment R/D center

Relying on Henan Provincial Communications Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd., together with Zhengzhou University and Henan Wanli Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd., with the goal of taking root in Henan, radiating the Central Plains and building a domestic first-class and internationally famous industrial R & D center, it was recognized by the Ministry of Transport in October 2017. (Letter No.832 【2017】)

At present, there are more than 60 full-time R & D personnel, including 3 enjoying special allowance from the State Council, 1 enjoying special allowance from Henan provincial government, 1 with leading talent of Science and Technology Innovation from Zhongyuan Thousand Talents Program, 1 with leading talent of Young and Middle-aged Science and Technology Innovation in transportation industry, 5 provincial and ministerial academic and technology leaders, 8 with doctor's degree and postdoctoral degree, 35 with master's degree. 72% of personnel have graduated education certificates or above.

Relying on the comprehensive Class-A Laboratory of highway engineering of the Ministry of Transport, the R&D center has built a special laboratory for material R&D, introduced multifunctional UTM30 material dynamic testing system, laser particle size analyzer, fluorescence microscope and other special instrument/equipment, and has road comprehensive testing vehicle, automatic road friction coefficient testing vehicle, ground penetrating radar, FWD drop weight deflectometer and geosynthetics. There are more than 40 sets of large-scale test and detection equipment such as material tester, and more than 520 sets of scientific research and productive testing equipment.

The R& D center takes "New road structure and material technology and equipment", "Development of highway maintenance decision support technology and data analysis system", "Highway traffic emergency treatment technology, materials and equipment under extreme weather" as the R&D direction, and successively undertakes "Key Technology Research on High Viscosity Continuous Waterproof Bonding Functional Layer of Cement Concrete Bridge", "Structural Performance of Typical Asphalt Pavement in Service". There are 59 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, including Research on Evaluation and Maintenance Design Technology, Research on Service Behavior of Subgrade and Pavement, Research on Low Emission Waste Tire Rubber Powder Composite Modified Asphalt Pavement Technology, etc., which have won more than 180 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievement awards; 18 invention patents, 34 utility model patents, and 29 software copyrights; and 5 technical monographs,such as "Application of Composite Modified Asphalt with Waste Tire Rubber Powder for Road Use", have been published. Additionally, we have participated in compilation of 7 local standards of Henan Province and 2 industry standards.

Among them, the research findings of waste tire rubber powder asphalt application technology have been successfully applied in Wuyang-Yunyang expressway, Xuchang-Pingdingshan-Nanyang expressway, Pingdingshan-Linru expressway, Luohe-Zhoukou expressway, Zhengzhou Airport-Xihua Expressway (phase II) and other expressways. The design and construction technology of corrugated steel webs bridge has been promoted in 23 steel structure bridges of expressways and trunk highways, with a total length of 5383.6 linear meters and a total steel consumption of 40671 tons.