Technical Research & Development

Henan Expressway Maintenance Smart Decision Engineering Research Center

In the scientific research and experimental base of the research center, there are 5 laboratories and 114 researchers with medium and senior professional qualifications or above. The total working area is 34800m2, including the office and laboratories, such as Structural Engineering Laboratory, Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Engineering Materials Laboratory, Road Engineering Laboratory, and the Engineering Laboratory.

Since its establishment, the research center has carried out research on intelligent expressway Maintenance Management and technology, focusing on the maintenance in the era of big data, based on the modern and intelligent data collection methods, combined with the demands of refinement, intelligence and scientization.

The research involves "Multi-dimensional and Digital Basic Expressway Data management", "Digital and Intelligent Expressway Condition and Early Maintenance Warning", "Maintenance Sscheme Decision Based on Big Data Analysis and Prediction", "Full Life Cycle Analysis on Informationalized Expressway", "Technology Development for Efficiency and Durability of Expressway Maintenance" and other different fields. It has undertaken 11 scientific research projects such as "Research on Key Technologies of Integrated Service of Intelligent Expressway Management and Maintenance", and has successively won more than 10 scientific and technological awards such as science and technology award of China Highway and Transportation Society, Henan Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Surveying and Mapping, including 3 awards above the provincial level. It has obtained 99 national invention and new utility patents, and compiled 18 academic works and standards.

In terms of government decision-making and industry management, integrating visualization themes such as road network development and infrastructure classification statistics, we have developed intelligent management service platforms such as "Henan Transportation Infrastructure Data Center and Intelligent Management Service Platform" and mobile app of "Henan Expressway Cloud Data", which can meet the needs of different levels of industry management and project management.

In the aspect of expressway maintenance management, we developed special maintenance management system, maintenance operation monitoring management system, highway and waterway operation and maintenance management monitoring platform, minor maintenance management system, etc.

For the infrastructure safety operation, the operation status monitoring system was established for high slope, bridge, tunnel and other key points to realize the dynamic monitoring of the operation status of the structure, comprehensively study and judge the development trend of the structure status, formulate the emergency disposal plan, and provide scientific data support for the highway safety operation management.