Technical Research & Development

Zhengzhou Key Lab of Low Discharge Road Construction & Maintenance Technology

There are 27 R & D personnel in the laboratory, including 2 management and 22 researchers, and 45.8% of them have senior qualifications or doctoral degrees. A professional and technical team with doctors as the core and postgraduates as the backbone has been formed.

In the operation and management of the laboratory, we adhere to the principle of "Market-oriented, to strengthen communication and cooperation, promote resource sharing and collaborative innovation platform opening, and realize the organic combination of production,learning, research and application", give full play to the advantages of talents and scientific and technological resources, and enhance the overall strength of the laboratory. The laboratory has instruments and equipment with total value of about 32 million CNY, which provide good conditions for scientific research and experiment.

Based on the existing provincial and ministerial research centers such as "Transportation industrial highway construction and maintenance technology, materials and equipment research center", "Henan highway maintenance industrial technology innovation strategic alliance", the laboratory carried out researches like "Low emission material technology focusing on energy conservation, emission reduction and recycling" and "Low emission operation focusing on high efficiency, fast and green ecology", "Safety assurance technology", "Low emission steel structure and composite structure bridge construction technology focusing on neutralizing production capacity". We have developed a series of engineering materials such as low emission rubber composite modified asphalt, industrial solid waste soil stabilizer, high-performance cement concrete repair materials, high-performance pressure grouting materials, polymer modified emulsified asphalt, and realized the industrialization, engineering and industrialization of the research findings.

It has successively undertaken more than 10 science and technology projects, such as "Research on application technology of crumbed tire rubber asphalt", "Application technology of dry mix direct injection crumbed rubber asphalt mixture", "Research on application technology of industrial waste composite recycled hydraulic cementitious material", "Treatment technology for stability of silt soil and cementitious rock in Yellow River flooding area", and independently preserves 42 software copyrights and 58 patents; we have won 26 awards such as Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Aaward, Henan Province Transportation Science and Technology Award, China Highway & Transportation Society Science and Technology Progress Award, and more than 60 high-level academic papers.