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Comprehensive Traffic Planning

By the end of 2011, company totally completed the design and survey of 4262Km expressway, 4015Km in Henan province and 247Km out, including Kaifeng-Luoyang expressway (the first expressway in Henan province), Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau expressway Xinxiang-Zhengzhou section(the first two-way eight-lane expressway in Henan province). Company also completed the design and survey of 4262Km expressway reconstruction project, including Lianyungang-Huoerguozi expressway Luoyang-Sanmenxia (Provincial boundaries of Henan province and Shanxi province) (the first expressway reconstruction project in mountain area of Henan province).

Company sets up Bridge Safety Technology Research Center to carry on research of large and special bridge design and optimization, steel bridge design and composite structures, monitoring of big span and special structure of birdge constuction, bridge testing for health monitoring and evaluation technology, bridge safety risk assessment technology, bridge disaster prevention and mitigation technology and new type of bridge structure development. The target of our company is to build a national bridge security technology research center and high-level bridge security personnel trading base.


Company has A-level qualifications issued by the nation on highway industry and sets up pavement technology research and development center to research pavement structure optimization, new technology, material and process, popularization and application of pavement regeneration technology and pavement maintenance scheme design.